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Our traditional family spring vacation in Duck Key always began by flying into Miami and going straight to Joe’s for those succulent stone crabs. For thirty years Joe’s has lured us back with that fabulous atmosphere, service, and food. Great memories that continue…

-Dave, Judi, Eric, Mark Holloway / MD, PA, NY, LA

My first visit here, Fabulous!!! Far nicer and elegant than expected! Brought my friend here for his 67th birthday. Thank you for being the best in my book, 5 star!!

-Suzie Parks / Coral Springs, FL (originally Grand Rapids, Mich.)

What a great time we had with Janine!!!

-Jeffrey Scheck / Miami, FL

Joe’s has been a part of our family for more than 50 years, maybe even 75! My grandfather used to take fishing vacations in Miami Beach, and frequented Joe’s. My widowed grandmother moved to South Beach in 1943, and my mother (pictured here, mid 1940’s) introduced us to Joe’s during the 1960’s. We still love Joe’s and hope to visit in January. Oh, and welcome to DC!

-Stacy Jannis / Silver Spring, MD

Have their number on speed dial And schedule on Notifications… It’s that good!

-Natasha Camejo / Miami, FL

First time in Miami Beach and first time eating stone crab! Had a great time. We will definitely be back.

-Kelly T / Boston, MA

On December 9, 2013 Marilee Love Thurman celebrates her 100th birthday! Coincidentally its Joe’s 100th anniversary too! Marilee is the widow of former North Miami Police Chief, Wayne Thurman. We have been celebrating her birthday with a dinner at Joe’s every year for the past 15 years!

-Robert Mitchell / North Miami, FL

We lived on Biscayne Street when my father came home from WWII on my 5th birthday. After the sunset my folks sat on our front porch and sipped hot tea – – in 80 degree heat. And every night after they closed their little restaurant down the street, Joe and Jennie Weiss visited, talked about their business and wondered if the city would ever attract more tourists! Years later I worked with Jesse on city tourism projects. Wonderful memories!

-Hal Glassman / Miami Beach, FL

It is my favorite restaurant from the last 30 years good memories with a lot of friends and a very welcome from Mr. Bones

-Marcelo Pessoa / Brazil

My dear friend the late Charles Lawson introduced me to Joe’s in 1989. There was a big crowd awaiting seating, however, as we entered I could hear the maitre d’ calling out “Mr. Lawson, table for two.” I mentioned it was good we had reservations, Charles replied, with his New England boarding school accent, “Mark, I am a regular here and a Joe’s maitre d’ can recognize regulars by the tip of our noses.” At that moment, I knew I had to move to Miami and return to Joe’s!

-Mark Ottosen / Miami, Florida